Copyright and Image Attribution

A couple years ago when I had trouble finding information about image copyright, after some digging, I wrote a blog post to report on what I found.

I just read a new post by Melissa Duko that I wanted to share with my readers that does a fantastic job of helping you with whether you should use an image or not. The article is entitled, “Copyright Infringement: Are You Allowed to Use That Image?” and can be found at

For reference, my original post is below. Hope they help!

Tressa's Truisms

by flickr user under CC BY license by flickr user under CC BY license

I was teaching a class on blogging this past semester at Southeast Missouri State University. As we discussed the importance of images in blogging and storytelling, I told the class, “Just because it’s on the Internet does not mean it’s free!” I explained that you must attribute any image you use back to its origin.  Unfortunately, that was not explanation enough and apparently caused confusion.  As I struggled to explain more thoroughly, I thought there have to be others out there with this same perplexity!

“The law automatically grants full “copyright” over any creative work a person makes unless otherwise stated.

Copyright law is incredibly complex. Adding to that complexity is the fact that most of the laws governing copyright were written long before the World Wide Web. Regardless, here are some tips and best practices.

If you are…

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