Resources / Blogs in my RSS Reader

10925476_10153078320512118_5811918647681445635_oWhen I spoke at the PRSSA Regional Conference “PR Elevated” hosted by Utah Valley University earlier this week, I was asked what some of the news sources, blogs and other resources I am tapped into to stay relevant. Because I subscribe to so many (via my RSS reader), I promised to review the list and post my top recommendations. The ones I am listing here are ones I read but also ones that I would recommend for young PR professionals. (There are others that cover higher level issues that you may find “over your head” and are not included here.)

Obviously, you can’t possibly go to all these sites every day (or even every week) so that’s where the RSS Reader comes in. I use Inoreader but there are others available. In addition to these industry-related blogs, I also check headlines from local/regional newspapers (online) USA Today and Gawker and tune the TV into CNN Headline News (HLN) in the morning while I’m getting ready. HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade program essentially repeats the headlines every 30 minutes so no matter when you tune in, within 30 minutes you’re in the know! In this business, that’s a must. If you have questions, suggestions, feedback, please comment or contact me. Hope this helps!